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Student Expectations

We show C

Care for ourselves and others

  • Show respect for each other online, offline, and on social media
We do O

Online learning

  • Do your own work
  • Attend Zooms and login to Schoology every day, every class.
We are N


  • Appreciate differences
  • Value diversity
We N

Never give up

  • Manage time and complete assignments
  • Connect with teachers for help
We E

Engage in Schoology and with our teachers

  • Have daily interactions by speaking up, showing up on camera, using the chat/email, interact with your work
We C

Communicate and act responsibly

  • Respectful language, tone, and actions
  • Do not engage in any type of bullying/harassment/threatening behavior
  • Follow all District Policies even though our classes are online
We T

Take care of our technology

  • Responsible use on all platforms/devices
  • Inappropriate words/actions are monitored in the District (not recommended to charge your phone with your school computer)
  • Keep track of and take care of your computers and chargers to avoid fees