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Principal’s Welcome

Hello, School Students and Families!

Whether you are a current 622 Online High School student or a student considering online learning as an option for the 2024-2025 school year, this registration guide will assist you in successfully selecting your required and elective courses for the 24-25 school year at 622 Online.

This guide provides detailed information about the courses required for graduation and the elective courses available in the online setting. All high school students have courses that are required each year, but you, as the student, choose what elective courses you wish to enroll in. Elective courses provide you with the opportunity to explore your interests and career pathways, pursue specialized training, and even enter the workforce during your high school years. With these opportunities, it is important that both students and parents consider choosing courses that challenge you and allow you to explore all areas of the high school experience.

Before you officially register for the 24-25 school year, here are some steps you should take to ensure you choose the appropriate courses to meet your educational goals:

  • Have conversations with counselors, teachers, and family members as you create an academic plan that encompasses your four years of high school
  • Envision your goals after high school
  • Select challenging courses while considering the need for balance
  • Explore your interests

Registration will take place in January 2024. Before registering, make sure you are familiar with this guide, District 622’s graduation requirements, and how our registration process works. If you have any questions regarding registration or any other areas of high school planning, please reach out to 622 Online High School’s Dean of Students.


Stephanee Goeken


Stephanee Goeken

Stephanee Goeken

622 Online